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Quantico spouses' social club merchandise store

We have now opened a QSSC apparel store, think logo Shirts, logo sweatshirts, and much more. Profits from all orders come back to help the club, this really helps the club prosper, AND it's open 24hrs, 7 days a week with items being fully customizable! Don't want a white t-shirt with black writing, CHANGE IT! Want to add your name to the back, ADD ONE! Want a different one of our logos added to the back or the front of your items, ADD IT!

Remembering your time here with the Quantico Spouses' Social Club is great, but you can make it last a lifetime! We know you still wear your favorite shirts and sweatshirts from your favorite event, College or University days, we do the same. Make QSSC gear your favorite most comfy "Go-To" weekend wear! Grab some Gear today by click on the image below, and start making some memories today!

"Remember, you're only the new person once!" See you at one of our next events... don't know what's coming up next? Check out what's next HERE.

See you soon!

ps. after you receive your gear we would love for you to send a pic of yourself showing off your new logo gear. We are going to post the pictures as they come in on our social media pages! You can post them on our private FB site yourself or send the images right to our Historian.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in their QSSC logo Gear!

Grab some gear NOW, and start shopping! BUY GERE HERE

Shop Quantico Spouses' Social Club Clothing and Apparel

*To minimize costs to you and make sure that all proceeds go directly toward making this an incredible club, please note that shipping is NOT available for any of these items. Members can pick up their orders at a monthly Quantico Spouses' Social Club event which also allows us to thank you in person!

Questions about your order or a store item? Reach out to Quantico Spouses' Social Club at waysandmeans@quanticossc.org.

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