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frequently asked questions
Learn more about us! 

Here are a few questions to help you get a better sense of QSSC:

  1. Is this an officers' spouses' club?
    No. This is an all-ranks premier social club for spouses. 

  2. What is Quantico Spouses' Social Club?
    Quantico Spouses' Social Club (QSSC) or the "Social Club" is Quantico’s premier and private all-ranks social club for spouses who have an appreciation for great company, great fun and great community.

  3. Where is Quantico Spouses' Social Club located?
    QSSC is located aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.  It is open to members and their guests and we will announce it's events and meeting location soon. 

  4. What events are happening throughout the year?
    Believe it or not, you can browse the event menu from your computer or phone!
    The short answer is that we take our events program very seriously, as you have to in a city like Quantico and Washington, D.C. with so many world-class options. We would describe our events as new! 

  5. What is the policy for inviting guests?
    QSSC is meant to be a place to come together as a community of spouses.  Members may bring guests to two (2) events before they must become members should they be eligible to. 

  6. When does the QSSC meet?
    Currently, the Social Club meets for QSSC Board Meetings at 10 am on the second Wednesday of each month. 

  7. Is there a dress code in the Social Club?
    While we think everyone looks better in business casual or a finely-tailored suit, there is no formal dress code. Business casual or nicer is recommended for all events. We do prohibit ripped shorts, flip flops, and sweats, but we don't believe attire should be a deal breaker.

  8. How much does membership cost?
    We offer various levels of membership — all of which enjoy the Social Club’s full list of events and liberal guest policy. The dues are subject to change at any time for new members. (Hint: membership will never be less expensive than it is today.)

  9. Will the number of members be limited?
    The membership will be capped at 1,200 regular members.

  10. I'm <insert your age here>. Are there other members my age?
    If you answered with anything over 18 and "under dead," then yes, there are members your age. For what it's worth, the average age of our membership is 28, but we have members in their early 20s and members in their late 60s. QSSC prides itself on the diversity of its membership.

  11. How long has QSSC been around?
    Short answer: coming up on the 2 year mark! Longer answer: we would love to tell you how we got started when we meet you. 

  12. How do I join and learn more?
    Click the button below to join. We'll ask you a few questions to get a better idea of the things that make you, you, and you should hear back within 24-48 hours.

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Quantico Spouses’ Social Club 
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