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Quantico Spouses' Social Club is a place to call home, a place to learn how the Marine Corps works if you're new, and a place to learn more than you possibly thought you could from other spouses who have seen a thing or two. It is a place to have absolute fun, and at the same time figure out how this Marine Corps machine our spouse calls 'work', or their 'world' operates, and where we as spouses fit into it.  This is the place to gain the advantage from a group of spouses from all around the world, the National Capital Region and the Crossroads of the Corps. It's where it all comes together and then flows back out to the fleet or community. Make the most of your time here, make friends, forge bonds that will last a lifetime.  Join the QSSC and make us one spouse stronger today! We'll see you soon.

"Sister clubs" and Why They are important

What is a "Sister Club?"

A Sister Club is a club that is built or made to help or aid others. It is there to bring people together, to fill the void where there was a gap. To have a Sister Club and to be able to connect to other spouses that you have things in common with, that you know you will have fun with. 

Quantico Spouses' Garden Club: QSGC

Semper Flora Since 1950.  The QSGC serves the local community, provide an opportunity to make friends, and to learn. Members exchange seeds, share plants, have local beautification projects, and often visit the elderly with handmade projects of beauty. 

(Spouse Club)

Marine Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington D.C. (MOSCDC) is one of the most seasoned and well-established Officers' Spouses' Clubs in the area. Get to know fellow Spouses, tour the White House, learn the ins and outs of what it means to live and love life in the National Capital Region.

(Spouse Club)

Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of D.C. (NOSC).  We are a network of military officers' spouses living in the National Capital Region that celebrates and promotes our shared interest in the United States Navy.

As we hear of more clubs (both all hands and officers' clubs) we will do our best to add them here. 

About us

Quantico Spouses’ Social Club 
P.O. Box 118
Quantico, VA 22134

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